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Scorpio the Scorpion...gee, redundant or WHAT?!?

you are SO manipulative.
Known usually as the detectives of the zodiac...I KNOW the are the Professor Moriarty of the zodiac.


My aren’t you the one with the quick comments that tear into people’s souls and rip them asunder? NOT COOL. BAD SCORP. No cookie. You are the raccoon from Over the Hedge! That or that scary assassin from the Da Vinci Code. Wow. What a comparable. You are so happy that the Bettie Page movie is coming out that you even bought a dress for the occasion…even the Scorpio girls did, too! I think you have reached your financial limit on books, eating out (no puns or double entedres here please), and just STUFF! Stop buying so much crap! You can’t afford it, knock it off! Also, you need to stop smothering everyone …or you will end up alone. What? You say you can handle being alone? Right. You never need any minion to worship your feet, eh? I’ll keep that in mind.

2006 copywrong auntiepanpan all rights reversed

2006 copywrong auntie panpan all rights reversed

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Sorry sweeties, nuthin personal. I just don't like drama.
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