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The Dark Side...muahahaa

Wierd things I've experienced in life.


Dark Experiences

What is ‘Dead Air’?

The difference between stagnant air and dead or ‘death air’ is stagnation.

Death air is stagnancy which means that there was once energy there that may or may not have gone awry - dead air is exactly NOT that at all. It’s just air that may or may not have had any energy exist there at all. Absolutely nothing is there. A soulless lifeless empty place like a vortex of nothing. Possibly sucking energy into to try to form or to become some-thing.

It’s like a vacuum. However, a vacuum of just nothing-ness. Which I am sure sounds somewhat silly to the theologians, since to have ’nothing’ you would originally have had to have ’SOME thing’ which would entail some sort of an entity of existence. Not nothing. It does get esoterically confusing, doesn’t it?

All I DO know is that Dead air is nothing like Death air. Death air feels like there have been creatures or energy there before it has energy…usually to me it would feel green or purple. I feel in colors. We all do: Red for energy. Blues for sad…you know the drill. So sometimes if I think that a ghost or an old energy pattern is wandering about, it’s usually the color purple or green I feel. Weird, huh?

Dead Air? Its just gray. Just like you were to walk into a fog with no way out. Its not something that someone ever living would ever deal with. When you encounter things like this, or you know people that like to dabble with dead air to feel superior to humans? Watch out. Be careful, don’t be surprised of the repercussions. There is a usually horrible backlash with people that tinker with voids of energy.

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