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The Unknown...sounds creepy, huh?




ONCE upon at time...

One day during a dangerously painful hangover... Mikki, Pan and K.Lemorte were looking around for a first place prize trophy for the winner of the UGLY BLOOMERS CONTEST hosted by ManekiNekoKathouse Productions (long story, I'll speed this up)...

Wandering around the streets of Peoria, Illinois...Then Galesburg, Illinois...Then New Orleans (the stuffed gator in the Watteau gown WAS tempting, but too expensive)...Then Memphis, TN...nothing could be found that was worthy of a first place trophy...under twenty bucks.

Then Mikki went to go to buy aspirin.

We went to this cheapie five and dime store outside of Tampico, Illinois... There he was, BOBO, the Monkey spirit!

He had originally been part of a set but to pay for both would have cost over thirty-five dollars...of which was better spent going to see Pirates of the Carribean...

WHEN WE SAW THE MONKEY IN THE FILM, it was a sign! ! ! Buy the damn monkey!

'BOBO' now goes to every and any event. It is good luck to make an offering to the monkey during lethal intoxication so as not to get a hangover the next day.

It is also good luck to get a photo with the monkey.

Personally, I think it's just the girl's way of photojournaling something odd.

THE BOBO MONKEY SPIRIT PROJECT is taking the monkey across the country and photgraphing it for this website...maybe someday make a book about it *SIGH*

If you have a picture with the monkey, please let us know, and send us a copy.



please note: Mikki would like to get rid of the monkey...but it just keeps coming back. So, if you would like to buy the to Mikki. Good luck.

K.LeMorte is going to make a box for it.
Pan is working on the photo journal for it.

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