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I know who I am...Who are You???

SO...Who IS this person?
Who is AuntiePanPan?



(Funny story, actually)

Auntie PanPan (ie: ME) is a hedonistic sarcastic, Evilly wicked, stage presence that tries to bring a little light to the dark side. Did I mention that I am sarcastic??

Brought about originally as a performance art/vampire persona, I ran with it. Now I’m known as said character, that went awry.

Known as “The Auntie Mame of the Undead” to some, friends to many. Enemies to a few. And social deviant to the masses.

When I am not on holiday wandering across the countryside looking for art in the strangest of places, I am planning on Continental Domination. I am too lazy for Global Domination.

Did I mention Sharp wit and barbed humor?


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DISCLAIMER: I am NOT your shrink. I am NOT a doctor. If you are under 18...don't come here. After you are eligible to vote & drink....THEN COME TO MY SITE.
Otherwise, please go visit other places in the cyberuniverse, besides mine.
Sorry sweeties, nuthin personal. I just don't like drama.
oh, more thing:

All AuntiePanPan's rambling,rants,reviews,art,horoscopes and articles are for informational purposes ONLY. It is entertainment...enjoy.
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