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Horoscopes and Sociostrology


Week 2 Jan 2007

A LOT going on here this week get in hold on and keep reading:

you can't save the world ... so STOP TRYING!!!! Save yourself FIRST!!!! I know you have the ego to THINK you can save everyone you know....but you need to take care of you...THEN you can deal with everyone else second.

You have some major things going on. You need to get out of the house. You need to cling to all those things that make you YOU. but dont dwell. . . Virgo's major curse is that they dwell on everything. True there is a time for everything...but just stop hiding under the bed.

keep working on that life goal. I know you have been thrown more responsibility than you have ever had in your whole life...but you can be stronger than you know. you do know that, right? This is a cliche' but it stands true today: "The Gods don't give us more than we cant handle. Trust me.

Perspective. Everything in your life is based on perspective. And yours might be a little flawed right now...but thats okay, you just get back off of the floor and start over again...good luck. And watch out for any anvils.

Right now you have to step up to the plate and be the one that takes your friend out for a midnight manicure and drinkies. You need to help out the ones that have always been there for you. YOU have to BE the strong one right now. You can do it. You know that it will spin around in a few weeks. You are stronger than you know. By the way, you need new pot holders.

Maybe you should take up drums. Maybe you should enjoy the life. Maybe you should not think about what everyone else is thinking and think about yourself. Maybe a bikini wax will change your perspective...just a thought.

You are in sooo much need of a good laugh right now...instead of listening to the voices in your own head...maybe you should listen to other people for a while. I suggest studying the Russian language and THEN a pedicure. And maybe afterwards a hot dog.

SLEEP IS GOOD. Get more of it!!!!! Enjoy. Maybe you should get a new hat. I think you should at least get a new type of hair style. You also should go back to your favorite hobby...Were you a mask maker? Something with masks? Maybe Mardis Gras? Beads? Something shiney??? Enjoy.

WHAT WERE YOU THINKING???? Three???? Two bunnies? Four Bottles of vodka? In a fountain? With a chicken???!?!?!? Are you INSANE!!!!!????!!! You need to get a hobby, mate. Gad. What to do with you??!?!?

I suggest that you give up weight lifting for a while and go back to being just normal little old you. Stop being someone that you arent just for acceptance. That's just my opinion.

Everything will be fine. You are okay. just move on. These things do happen. Everyone will run across someone that rubs us the wrong way...kind of like bathing with sandpaper...or licking a router...but you don't have to deal with beings you dont like...just pretend that they don't exist.

You need can't live on water and tic tacs...I'm so stuffed just thinking about it. You need to breathe and ignore the drama...remember the motto: ITS NOT YOUR DRAMA MAMA!!! Lather rinse and repeat.














What is Sociostrology?

I don’t believe in pure methodical typical ‘Astrology’. I believe in the science of studying people and their personality and the comparison/contrast along with similarities of astrological signs and various personality traits.

I have been studying Sociostrology since I was about 15 years of age. Since I am over 35 years old, you can do the math.

Sociostrology is an amalgam of sociology and astrology.

I have done computer generated “press the button and it prints out” kind of astrology charts for people. I have also done the pulling the books and emphermis thereby scribing an entire chart by hand. But I find that this is not only time consuming, it is also boring as hell.

No one REALLY wants to read a bunch of degrees and lines. Who CARES which node is in which element?!?

I do Sociostrology. I go completely with 20 years of human sociological profiling with various astrology similarities. I research personality traits, character analysis and sociological structures or patterns.


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