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In Reality...





T.J. TEER, (yes that is my real name) is the OZ of Auntie PanPan. I was born on October,15th in the year of the dog. I am also a jeweled tiger in the Indian (from India) Zodiac. During the reign of Inanna in the Sumerian Astrology. I am a Libra, however I was raised by a pack of wild Scorpios. I have three houses in Scorpio, two in Libra, one in Capricorn, and one in Virgo. Damned if I can remember the rest.

Hobbies: Laughing and getting through life with a smile on my face and trying to get the rest of the world through life amidst a sea of sadness.


I grew up in Southern California, received the Bank of America award for theater arts when I graduated High School. I changed majors in college three times, thereby not finishing my degree. I had no time to finish school, since I was already working in Hollywood at Oceanic Films as well as promoting a magazine I worked for at the time.

I also admit, I am a Hollywood club kid. I was sucked into the shiny world. But I survived.

My true love is art history and historical costuming. However, I do have an ego from hell so I chose not to get paid to make other people’s costumes, but instead design my own. I admit to having a HUGE ego - but a low self esteem. Unfortunately because of this, people found this to make me an easy target. Needless to say, I got over it. Then drama became more popular in my family than comment. After some frightening family scandals, I had to get away from Hollywood for a while to figure out who the HELL am I!?!?!?

SO, then I moved to the middle of nowhere, Illinois. After about six years and figuring out my priorities here I am!


I decided that I wanted to be a stand up vampire/gothic comedian. I like to make people laugh. Sad to say, after being in Illinois, I hated living there. After being chased by a cow, I had had enough. Then various family members died and had to be the strong responsible one for other people,now... Have I mentioned that responsibility SUCKS? I admit it. I am a wimp for the most part.

After a MAJOR social hermitage and contemplating my navel, I have come to the age of “fuck it” and go where your heart should take you. It was then I began trying to move back to California.

Sort of like Anais Nin when she would take the train back from Paris to Toulon to gather her thoughts. I have become a little bit wiser and a lot tougher with the real world.

I still like to make people laugh. It’s the only thing we truly have, right? If the whole world could just laugh at the same time, what a moment it would be. How can I start to do that? By being Auntie PanPan: The Gothic Auntie Mame of the Undead.

I am not a real vampire, I don’t eat babies. I rarely dance naked under the full moon but I admit that I have. I like the dark side. I believe in psychic vampires just look at any lawyer or tax auditor. I have never been a corruptor of souls nor have I ever killed a chicken that wasn’t already dead in a bucket from the drive through.

HOWEVER, do I believe in the odd things in this world? Oh yeah. I have to admit that I have seen some wierdie things out there without paranoia or group hypnosis.

I like old movies, cuddling, nightclubs, kissing in the rain, transvestites, women who know how to drive a motorcycle, the roaring 20’s, Impressionist art, Monmarte, drag queens, sleeping in late on Sundays, Modigliani, Really bad pirate songs, earning a paycheck, Mozart and gummy bears, reading Agatha Christie books, Rosalind Russell , Broadway show tunes , button making, cheezy William Castle or Hammer films, Lilo and Stitch, tattoos, pirates, vampires, Dashell Hammett books, CanCan dancing . The list goes on.


I love to publish(... yes, ink is my blood and paper is my soul...but I digress.) and become the next Max Jacob of this period. I also want to be the biggest horoscope writer, tarot card reader/psychic, researcher of paranormal studies on the continent. I admit it, I am also a ham but I don’t have delusions of Hollywood glitter. I have already been there, it ain’t all that. But it’s always been home to me. This is why I do not want global domination... I am too lazy. I will so settle for just the continent.

I would like to view myself as glitter buddah. I have been to the mountain and, er, well, that was what's for lunch? I have minor, not major, delusions of grandure.

I like picnics in the graveyard and making out in hearses. I have done many a naughty thing within my lifetime, but honestly I have NO regrets.

That just about sums me up I think.

You want to talk? Visit my ‘my space account’.

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DISCLAIMER: I am NOT your shrink. I am NOT a doctor. If you are under 18...don't come here. After you are eligible to vote & drink....THEN COME TO MY SITE.
Otherwise, please go visit other places in the cyberuniverse, besides mine.
Sorry sweeties, nuthin personal. I just don't like drama.
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