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ARIES THE RAM...they like to have their head rubbed.


Wow. I have never seen an Aries actually piss off everyone they know to the point that you have been shunned like an Amish girl wearing red scarlet knickers at the barn raising annual picnic! How did you do that?!?!? Maybe it started by accidentally on purpose stealing money from friends and family? Or, maybe it happened when you started lying and spreading gossip about people that you thought would never get together and compare notes. WRONG!!! I have to tell you, the older some rams get, the stupider their reactions and manipulations get, also. You wonder why You and Scorpios NEVER get along? This is why. Scorpios NEVER GET CAUGHT! Oh, sure, they do the same stupid shit you do…but they always have a backup plan or an alternate escape route. Dumbass.


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