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Moody Moody Moody....
....Pissy little bugger, ain't ya?

If ever I saw a sign with such pissy moodswings, it's you.
I admit it, I would be pissy too, if my astrological sign was associated semantically with a disease.
Then again, I don't know anyone with a case of Libratoses...yet.
You are cranky, pissy, whiney, moody...and believe me, sometimes, these are your good points.

My goodness. You are funny when hot under the collar. You too can power walk all your anxieties away…just be sure that you don’t walk so far to the point you are in another country. You really know how to get your mad on when you want to. I suggest that you go ramble off your anger to another person. You can’t bottle it up inside. Or you will blow up. Little exploded crab meat all over the living room floor! And I just cleaned!


2006 copywrong. Auntie Pan Pan. All rights reversed

2006 copywrong auntie panpan all rights reversed

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