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This sign is so confused..
They don't know if they are fish that want to chew cans and climb mountains...
...or if they are mountain goats that want to take a dip in jacuzzis.
Always seem to get involved in beer tavern brawls and constantly head butting stupid people.


Why oh why, you wonder, does everything have to change so much all the time? Well, that’s the thing about life. The only thing that is constant is change. You learn to roll with the punches, sweetie. I suspect you will be moving in the next 18 months. I only say this because I am sure that you are hungering for something in a location that you are stagnating in. Everything will be better by the end of 2007...this is my mantra and I’m sticking with it.

2006. copywrong auntie pan pan all rights reversed.

2006 copywrong auntie panpan all rights reversed

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT your shrink. I am NOT a doctor. If you are under 18...don't come here. After you are eligible to vote & drink....THEN COME TO MY SITE.
Otherwise, please go visit other places in the cyberuniverse, besides mine.
Sorry sweeties, nuthin personal. I just don't like drama.
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